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Default The brother's army

Hello, I am the brother octavian was speaking of and here is "my" (they are actually his models) Black Templars army:

Black Templars 1500 pts

Master of Sanctity w/ bolt pistol termi honours 126 pts
Emperorís Champion w/ accept challenge 140 pts

5 sword brethren w/ termi honours, lightning claw, furious charge 160 pts
Dreadnaught w / twin linked lascannon 135 pts

9 initiates w/ bolt pistol chain sword, p sword, 154 pts
w/ rhino 50 pts
7 initiates w/ lascannon, melta gun, 194 pts
7 initiates w/ rocket launcher and meltagun 180 pts

Fast Attack:
8 Assault Marines w/ meltabombs and 1 p sword 202 pts

Heavy Support:
1 vindicator 125 pts
1 land raider 250 pts

Total: 1528 pts
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