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Default Octavian's army

Ork tourney army 1500Pts

Warboss- powerklaw, shootaskorcha, eavy armor, cybork body

wierdboy- warphead

15 lootas

20 choppa boys- 1 bigshoota, nob with eavy armor and pk

15 choppa boys- 1 bigshoota, nob with eavy armor

Fast attack
5 deffkoptas all with rocket luanchers

heavy support
Battle wagon- killkannon, cannon, 2 bigshootas, deff rollas, ard case, grot riggers, extra armor

2 killakans- bigshootas

deffdread- 2 bigshootas

Allies detachment
10 kalabite warriors with splinter canon, blaster and sybarite with power sword, and phantasm grenade launcher
5 hellions with helliarch with agoniser

"This is grey hawk calling derp control."
"Come in derp control." "fun times sighted ahead."

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