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Originally Posted by Taggerung View Post
Awww poor baby, you are playing such a difficult army! Heaven forbid you don't get an all amazing death beam that fucks everything and is a flyer too!

That said, the rules do state draw a line, kill everything in it...RAW it totally just rapes everything. Should it be that way? Certainly not, it's a straight line, much like a laser beam, that Should only hit things it actually passes through, so it could go at an angle and hit ground targets that way as the beam hits the ground...however that's not how the jackass Ward in his infinite wisdom decided to write it. This thread should not be this long, RAW it works, end thread.
Before you go calling people Jackasses you should maybe have a think about it. One of the prime objectives of the rules is SIMPLICITY and so therefore some particular situations will not be modelled, this is one of them.

How do you know what the exact nature of the weapon is?

The weapon obviously attacks things at all levels so is more of a vertical plane than a beam because it isn't restricted in height it doesn't contour the ground and it isn't stopped by walls, hill, etc.

As you say however the rule is clear. It hits all things along the line. End of.
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