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here is my list


Brother captain
MC falcions and MC storm bolter
Orbital strike relay
psy ammo melta bombs and DW


Paladin squad x5(5 man)
All have Psy ammo and MC cc weapons
3 force swords 1 TH 1 halberd
1 apocecary

Ven dread
Extra armor
psy ammo


Strike squad x5
1 TH 1 force sword 3 halberds
psy ammo

Strike squad x5
2 force swords 1 falcion 1 halberd
psy ammo

heavy support+

Purgitation squad x5
1 halberd 1 force sword
2 psycanons 1 psylencer
psy ammo

Dread knight
heavy psycannon
personal transporter
great sword

total 1538

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