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Default Brainstorm with me?

"We are Chaos! Chaos is strong!"

I've very recently gotten into the idea of Chaos Cultist cosplay but I need help for ideas - please keep in mind I'd like to keep this relatively cheap! I've done almost no thinking about this aside from a Khornate pendant around the neck. I AM hoping to go for a Khornate Cultist, based closely on the Dawn of War cultists. Here's an image of one.


(I fixed up the IMG for you. V V.)

Now I don't want these colours, really, though I will still be going for brown/red/black colours.

First things first I'd like to think about basic clothing as the base of the design. I'm thinking I lose a crap-ton of weight to get nice and skinny whilst this project continues (IF it continues) and then all will be well at the end.

I've got a pair of black boots I can wear underneath and these are going to be largely hidden towards the end. They're military style boots and they're black, if a little modern looking though.

For the torso, I'm thinking a skin-tight black shirt/t-shirt just to give me something for the base.

Trousers for underneath could just be some cargo-pants or even dark-brown chinos.

I'm open to suggestions to change the above parts but what I'm gonna need help with mostly is the cloak bottom and the armour plating around the torso/shoulders/arms. I've already got ideas about the spikey structure on the back and I'm thinking I'll just go cut some particularly straight sticks off of trees in a near-by wood and then sand them smooth and varnish black. I still don't know what I'm going to be placing on the ends.

Forgeworld does a nice symbol of Khorne (Though I can't seem to see it... Here's a picture) which I think, if just slapped onto a metal chain, will look nice when painted up. I might do a similar job of it as my Bloodthirster miniature (Black recesses fading through brown up to blood red with maybe gold/brass trim).

For the cloak part covering the legs, I was thinking of some sort of eastern martial arts outfit base, though I have no idea what they're called or if there's one that could fit the style.

I don't imagine fake skulls are too difficult to get your hands on, either.

I've got quite long hair and rather than shave it I was thinking to have it pulled back into a tight top-knot.

Weapons.. I've got no clue. I could make the bolt-pistol from plasticard and give it a basic scheme but it'd be my first scratch-build attempt.

Any help is appreciated!

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