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Originally Posted by Arcane View Post
So this is on the title of the GW web page right now. What are the team over at GW smoking? Do they not realized that tanks are easier to destroy now with Hull Points added to the game and cover saves reduced? Or am I missing something here... I know it's easier to get a cover save, but obscured vehicles only get a 5+? Not to mention you can no longer assault from most vehicles, so many players have been talking about completely shelving or minimizing their tanks in their lists.

Does anyone else get the feeling that the GW dev team seems to keep getting more out of touch with the realities of game play and mechanics outside their play in the GW studio?
It's nothing to do with the game itself. It's just something they felt like pushing this month, with no relevance to anything else. The sales people will have said "Let's drive sales of £40+ tanks by 5% this month" with no input from anyone else, let alone the design studio.

Originally Posted by Arcane View Post
Also the choice of including some tanks and not others is odd. No SM Rhino, No SoB Vehicles?
How many AV13-14 Vehicles do Sisters have? 1. Is a Rhino considered "rock hard"? No, not really. That might explain why they're not there and the Land Raider is. Just a thought.

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