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Originally Posted by the_barwn View Post
Thank you for the swift replies,
I have an additional question though in the 6ed BRB it states the RLR is Heavy1, Sniper, Pinning.
Under the Sniper special rules it states that a roll of 6+ is a precision shot. Does this become 5+ for Pathfinders??? Or do they Ignore these rules & still operate under the C:E ruleset?
Pathfinders have a weapon with the Sniper rule. They ALSO have their own rule which gives them a better AP value on a to-hit of 5+. They are not related, both apply, nothing complicated. Its a Sniper Rifle (per BRB) that has a chance to become AP1 in addition to the fun stuff from the "Sniper" rules.

Originally Posted by Archaon18 View Post
In final summary. They are AP1 on a 5+ to hit, with precision shots on 6's

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