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Originally Posted by Azrell View Post
I didn't read this, just like you didn't read pg 81 in the Chaos space marine codex, under wargear where is calls all wargear listed in the force section under a unit or character "unique". Consequently it says the same thing in the BAs codex, and almost word for word in several other codices.

Thats why Karns axe had to be amended, otherwise it was a unique power weapon because is was listed under his wargear and not in the wargear section.
Unique Wargear does not mean Unique Rules (as explained several times before). It just means they slap a pretty name on it and that SOMETIMES it gets rules that are unique.

Kharn's axe is Unique AND has Unique rules and would otherwise be an Unusual Power Weapon, but GW said that they wanted it to be treated as a Power Axe instead. Dante has a Unique Power Weapon that is a Power Axe. These are not the same thing.

And not reading people's posts and then telling them that you were too lazy to read it never supports your argument. It says "I'm too lazy and don't care enough to see what you actually said. In fact I'm so confident that I'm right that I'm not going to take time to read it all all, but I'll tell you about it instead."

Go troll somewhere else. Everyone here has taken the time to politely explain to you why you're reading the rules wrong and you instead write up posts like that. You've yet to quote a rule correctly and you often make up new definitions that don't work within the rules.

I've brought up twice now that if Unique, for the purposes of your definition, meant that weapons owned by Unique models counted as having Unique Special Rules that it would create a new issue: power weapons with unique rules (like the Agonizer, which isn't poisoned but wounds on a fixed number, or Neural Whips which roll to wound at S8 vs your unmodified leadership) would no longer be covered and would then be unable to categorized.

You've ignored actually responding to it twice. For fuck's sake RTFRB COMPLETELY (this means without trying to twist words around to have new meanings or adding words to sentences) and quit trying to be pedantic about the rules in an effort to be right. It doesn't make you cool and it doesn't make people agree with you.

TL;DR: The Rulebook is cut and dry. Quit trying to twist it to suit your personal opinions.

And if that was too long: OI! Quit actin' like a knob!
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