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In my original concept, I wrote it in that the Gnosis choose their scheme to suit their own personality. No two Proxies are the same, at least not visually. I would imagine the mechanisms and what have you are generally the same, but aesthetically speaking, it is up to the individual Gnosis to accessorize... or not... according to their own desires.

The only thing I can see all of them adhering to once they actually return to the galaxy and take an active role in it would be their symbolism. I would imagine that like a Space Marine Chapter, they would agree upon one symbol that best represents them as a race and they would affix it to their Proxies. What that symbol is, I don't know yet since I didn't get that far, but that would be the only item of uniformity that I can see them requiring of their Proxies.

The glow that emanates from the seams of the Proxies, as I see it, would be more of an iridescent blue. I envision their bodies looking similar to the below (excuse the cheesy MTG card, but it actually looks close to the image in my head)

And a glow of a similar color would give them a calming kind of glow to them, even if their Proxies are being used to crush some enemy of the Great Consensus into oblivion.

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