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I know I said I was out but damn, that gorechild reference was random as hell and worthy of comment.

Gorechild has a TON of unique rules that very clearly make it an unusual, but because it's also plainly a goddamned axe, they went out of their way to say that it still gets treated as one.

Not only does it not *support* your argument in any way, seeing as how it;s so completely and utterly *different* from Dante's lack of unique rules, if anything it UNDERMINES it because it shows clear intent by GW for axe-shaped special power weapons to still be treated as axes.

I mean, if Gorechild which is very clearly unusual is still counted as a power axe because it;s still a damned axe, how does that in any way prove that Dante's axe, which is a power axe, special only in that it's master crafted is somehow NOT an axe?

My mind boggles

And again, it doesn't matter in the least bit if the WEAPON is unique.
The Axe Mortalis IS UNIQUE
Nobody has ever tried to argue that it wasn't, in fact it's been stated as a given dozens of times.

The category isn't 'UNIQUE power weapon'
If it were then there'd be no argument. Dante's gear is all unique, case closed.

The category is 'UNUSUAL power weapon'
And to qualify as Unusual it has to have unique RULES

Gorechild has unique rules
The Axe Mortalis does not.

And at this point, if you're openly stating that you aren't even bothering to read opposing posts anymore there's no point in you continuing to even post in this thread. Maybe you should just write this one off. You;re not convincing anyone of anything at this point, there's no reason to keep dragging it out, especially if you aren't even bothering to listen anymore.

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