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Originally Posted by Zion View Post
You're argument is that a different kind of weapon on a different character in a different codex was handled differently so that makes you right?


Now I could understand being able to point out actual rules and say "this is why I say this" but all you've done is twist rules around to suit your purposes.

You've misquoted them, and then when we pointed that out you argued the definition of "unique" in terms of "unique special rules" for several pages.

And when we pointed that out as being completely wrong you argued that "Unique Characters" should have all their special rules counted as "Unique".

This isn't even about you having a different point of view anymore is it? I'm beginning to think you're just trolling everyone to waste our time trying to explain to you how "unique special rules" work.

Because I refuse to believe that anyone can be so thick to argue over a three word phrase for nearly the length of the thread without going "well, I guess I was wrong, thanks for clearing that up guys" without doing so intentionally.

This is THE cut and dry way to identify a Unusual Power Weapon:

1. Is it a Power Weapon (or is it TREATED as a Power Weapon)? If Yes, see 2. If No, it's a Close Combat Weapon.

2. Are it's rules in the Big Rulebook? If Yes, it's not an Unusual Power Weapon, look at the model and determine what kind it is based on WYSIWYG. If no, then it's an Unusual Power Weapon.

It's THAT easy. It took me longer to type that then it does to walk through that tiny check list.

If it bugs you for Dante to be I1 THAT BADLY and you REALLY want an AP3 Dante who can't be used reliably on Terminators then convert yourself up a character that "counts as Dante" and give him a sword (since it's a Power Weapon by the listing in Dante's Wargear this is a completely legitimate option, just make sure you name it for bonus points, and write up some fluff for your new super special awesome Space Marine. This will keep people from saying you're just modelling for advantage and get you bonus points with the fluff nerds).

Problem solved. You get Dante's rules, but you're own nifty model with it's own named Power Weapon of great justice. You can even make it a successor chapter for bonus points and have cool looking models that aren't just the standard red and/or black.

But if you want Dante as he is, then he comes with a Power Axe that gets a free reroll for 1 failed to hit roll.
I didn't read this, just like you didn't read pg 81 in the Chaos space marine codex, under wargear where is calls all wargear listed in the force section under a unit or character "unique". Consequently it says the same thing in the BAs codex, and almost word for word in several other codices.

Thats why Karns axe had to be amended, otherwise it was a unique power weapon because is was listed under his wargear and not in the wargear section.

It takes a pack of Wolves to tree a Lion... here is hopping the new DA codex reflects that.
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