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Originally Posted by Archon Dan View Post
You do realise you are arguing wording across two editions of the game now. That doesn't really work as the Blood Angel codex was written for 5th edition's rules, not sixth. You might be able to say the GK codex was written with 6th in mind but it was still written with 5th ed's rules. Even the Necron codex recieved errata because of rule changes.

In short, a 5th ed codex that says "unique" cannot be used as evidence for a 6th ed rule. The word did not have the same affect and was not written with the same purpose.
The codex was written by matt ward, 6th ed could very well have been written with the full knowledge that he had called certain weapons unique in other books he had previously written.

It takes a pack of Wolves to tree a Lion... here is hopping the new DA codex reflects that.
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