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Originally Posted by scscofield View Post
No lie. I still can't figure out why someone would to take a good combo like Dante with an Axe and nerf that. Seriously, let's look at the pros and cons for the Axe vs the "Unusual Power Weapon" that we keep seeing:

Axe (Pros):
+ Strength Bonus (+1S) that stacks with Furious Charge to make Dante wound Marines on 2s on the charge
+ AP2, which allows Dante to force Invunerable saves on anyone he smacks
+ Master Crafted so Dante gets to reroll 1 missed hit per turn
+ Doesn't negate Dante's High Initative for Sweeping Advance so he still gets +6 to his Initative check to sweep.

Axe (Cons):
- Dante swings an Initiative 1 (along with almost every other AP1/2 weapon)

Unusual Power Weapon (Pros):
+ AP3 so he can reliably kill Marines
+ Doesn't interfere with his Initiative so he swings on I6
+ Still sweeps at I6
+ Still Master-crafted

Unusual Power Weapon (Cons):
- Dante can't reliably hurt Terminators or anyone in Artificer Armor.
- S4 during combat after the charge

As we clearly see the Axe gives the most actual benefits for forcing wounds. So why give Dante a Wiffle Bat?
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