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I find it absolutely wonderful when people say "gunlines are back, hide yo wyches, hide yo nobz, and hide yo pallies cause they overwatchin' errybody out here" because on overwatch you hit on 6 and that's way too powerful, and then at the same time talk about how hitting flyers on 6 is completely underpowered and impossible. Which is it? Is hitting on 6 good, or bad? From my experience, overwatch doesn't do a whole lot unless A: You have several high-powered guns that only need one wound to go through to do lots of damage and have a high enough Strength to reliably wound if you get a hit through, which is rare, B: You have a colossal mob that can torrent like no other and put out a quantity of shots in the several dozens, once again, not especially common, or C: You can re-roll all your failed to-hit rolls. Overwatch is a nice add-on but its not a game-breaker for assault armies.

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