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Originally Posted by Zion View Post
Now how many games is this based on, or is this just based on hersay and the 5th Edition rules?

currently, rules and a few play tests.

I think people forget that when an edition changes the way the game plays changes. 6th is not the same 40K game people played in 5th, and with it brings a restructuring on how you view an army.

that is how games workshop does new editions and it is pretty much a dick move and money grab.

I think there is a lot more balance in this edition that people think, they're just too busy looking at only what they see as negatives.

it is very balanced for certain armies. it has potentially crushed a few and will require large investments of money to correct for the changes in many.
personally, i was on the fence with a new edition because of the problems with 5th and 6th has not helped with that. warhammer remains the monopoly of wargames.

my thoughts.

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