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I'd start now. You are at least a year a a half away from a new book if not two years. Also, I don't think a new book will change the core of the army. Lizardmen have been a pretty consistent army for many years. A new book is most likely to add a monstrous cav unit and repoint cost the various units and characters and adjust the rules for the Slann and the engine of the gods stegadon/skink priest model and thus alter the balance of units modestly. Kroxigors may become cheaper and more playable outside of a mixed unit with skinks. Similarly, cold one cav may become more points effective and more worth playing.

Shop around on e-bay, ask around in your area if their is a community of players, and elsewhere for someone selling their army. A lot of people start and then quit and sell at half price or less their units. You may have to perform some work to fix up used models but they are a lot cheaper.

This is sort of a shopping/wish list for fighting 2500 to 3000 point battles

Core units:
Saurus warriors (min 30 to 40; ideal 80 to 100)
Skinks with blowpipes/skirmishers (min 20, max 40)
Skinks with javelins and shields/ranked (min 24 max 60)
Kroxigors (for use with ranked skinks in a mixed unit; min 3)

Chameleon skinks (min 10; max 20)
Terradon Riders (min 0, max 4)
Temple Guard (min 20, max 46)
Stegadon (min 0, max 2 consider outfitting the ridden section for an engine of the gods/skink priest variant)
Cold one Cav (min 0, generally not played, at most 6 for a fun unit with a mounted character)

Salamanders (min 2 max/ideal 6)-one of the best units in the game right now for the points
Ancient Steg (see steg above)
Razordon hunting pack (min 0, max 3)

1 Slann on palanquin (must have)
1 oldblood on foot (consider making flexible for great weapon and shield options)
1-2 scar vets (can use scar vets as oldbloods)
1-2 skink priests on foot

Temple Guard are overpriced by GW right now. I am an advocate of buying and converting saurus into temple guard by painting and some conversion work. Basically, figure you need at least 60 to 80 combined saurus and temple guard models at the core of the army with skink in both skirmish and ranked forms.

BTW my son (17) started with Lizardmen 4 years ago and has now mastered the army to the point where he won 2nd general at a 40+ Indy GT, 2nd general at a 60+ player Indy GT, and most recently best general at a 44 player Indy GT this year. He always plays a slightly different list. This is his most recent army list at 2500 points:
Slann Mage-Priest (1#, 365 pts)
+ Battle Standard Bearer, Plaque of Tepok, Becalming, The Focused Rumination, Lore of Life

Saurus Oldblood (1#, 242 pts)
+ Great Weapon, Armour of Destiny, Dawnstone, Venom of the Firefly Frog,

Skink Priest (1#, 90 pts)
1 Diadem of Power,
Saurus Warriors (50#, 580 pts)
Musician + Standard Bearer Saurus Champion

Temple Guard (37#, 647 pts)
Musician + Standard Bearer Revered Guardian, Ironcurse Icon, Standard of Discipline,
10 Skinks, 56 pts + Musician
10 Skinks, 50 pts
10 Skinks, 50 pts
Chameleon Skinks (5#, 60 pts)
Chameleon Skinks (5#, 60 pts)
2 Salamander Hunting Pack, 150 pts
2 Salamander Hunting Pack, 150 pts
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