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Default 1850 Eldar/Dark Eldar Competitive

Farseer (Harlequins)
  • Singing Spear
  • Runes of Warding
  • Runes of Witnessing
  • Spirit Stones
  • Doom
  • Fortune
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Archon (Harlequins)
  • Agoniser
  • Haywire Grenades
  • Shadow Field
9x Harlequins
  • 9x Kisses
  • Shadowseer
10x Dire Avengers
  • Exarch with Shuriken Catapults
  • Exarch Power Bladstorm
  • Wave Serpent
    • Spirit Stones
    • Shuriken Cannon
    • Twin Linked Shurkiken Cannons
10x Guardians (Behind the Aegis)
  • Scatter Laser
10x Guardians (Firing Aegis Weapon)
  • Eldar Missile Launcher
3x Guardian Jetbikes
  • Shuriken Cannon
8x Wyches
  • Hydra Gauntlets
  • Haywire Grenades
  • Raider
    • Night Shields
Fast Attack
6x Reaver Jet Bikes
  • 2x Cluster Caltrops
  • 2x Heat Lance
Heavy Support
3x War Walkers
  • 6x Scatter Lasers
Aegis Defense Line
  • Twin-Linked Quad Gun

Looking for input on this hopefully competitive list for 6th. Any CC is welcome.
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