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Default Next Time I Dream

Next Time I Dream.

They say that only in death does duty end but is this really true? I don’t know. My pain is tearing away at me, ever grinding the soul from my flesh, my sanity from my mind. I have seen too much to be able to forget; too much to ever return to the childhood innocence I had once known.

They say the enemy is called Chaos, but that is sometimes not the correct application to the attributes of the Great Enemy. Many times the measures the Great Enemy applies is measured, carefully planned and precise; glorious on infinite levels that mortals could never hope to achieve.

The World eaters do not apply many plans to their barbaric invasions and world domination, nor do the Space wolves. Their tactics are basically the same; destroy everything and let nothing stand in their way. But take the Ultra Marines and the Alfa Legion, the Iron Hands and the Word Bearers; now there is perfection in infinite planning. Discipline and structure are evident in their methods. Patient and detailed they move about with intention and devotion systematically annihilating the hopes of their enemies while gaining footholds that none can displace.

Though some of the for-mentioned fight for Chaos and some for the Emperor of mankind the effectiveness of their strategies cannot be denied. I know, for the life I once lived has been torn apart by the careful planning of both Chaos and the Emperor.

So where does my duty lie? I have suffered at the hands of both good and evil. During the invasion of Riamex the Word Bearers destroyed the cities by orbital bombardment killing most of my family and most of humanity that dwelt above ground. Once they set foot upon the blasted wasteland they had created they began to erect towers from the rubble, flesh and bone of the dead. Any who still survived were forced to work and any too weak to perform were grafted into the walls of the structure while screaming and begging for their lives.

The Ultra Marines descended from the heavens like living Gods and met the Word Bearers face to face. Blades of iron and steel clashed with armor that had been possessed with the souls of the tormented. Shrieks of agony and dismay were met with oaths of vengeance and devotion to the Emperor of mankind and silenced by shells from storm bolters and multa-rifles.

What remained of the cities fell in flame and collapsed by the power of tank shells and shoulder cannons. Red armor met blue and white armor, curses from the lips of devoted enemies and screams of the dyeing. Between these two mighty armies the rest of my family perished and my heart grew stone hard from the losses inflicted upon my soul.

I have found my duty in the death of my family. I want to kill them all. Eventually the Ultra Marines drove off the Word Bearers and declared victory and a world saved. I think they are blind to the destruction around them for their uncaring eyes fell upon me while I wept for my family and not a word was said to console my grief except the words, “The Emperor protects!”

Curse the Emperor. Damn his immortal soul. Where was he when all I loved burned away in the fires of war? The Emperor does not protect, nor does he see the struggles of his children. I wish I could kill them all but alas I am only human and helpless to vent my pain.

In my dreams I watch as my enemies and saviors, both Chaos and those devoted to the Emperor are torn apart. I laugh as their ships are ripped from the stars and turned inside out. I bathe in the blood of them all while I dance upon their bones. In the ashes of my mind I hear them scream, begging for mercy while I cut the meat from their bones with my screams of mourning.

I can see them all lying in the ashes of my home world. Their blackened bones lie in the streets and I laugh as I see my family walking amongst them. My laughter turns to tears once more when the wind blows and carries away their memories like ashes in a storm.

Am I really so weak and helpless? In my dreams I am mightier than a God. What will happen if I stop dreaming? I find out when I open my eyes. Their before me are the ruins of my home world. I see the bodies of the dead and the mourners wailing over them, but I also see the broken forms of Space Marines whose armor has been torn away from their flesh and the flesh ripped from their bones. All around I see the shattered burning hulls of the star-craft they used to unleash hell. All around are the skeletons of my enemies, burnt, broken and splintered.

A child comes to me and smiles. Her red hair is filthy as is her face and clothes but her eyes are bright and green. She is a beautiful girl around ten years of age. She speaks words that set my soul aflame and gives me purpose once more. ‘Your family says they love you. They say your duty is clear. Kill them all!’

In my dreams I see them running through the fields that once were so green and lush. My children are laughing and I can see my wife smiling at me through the windows of our home. The breeze is blowing through the trees and with it comes a song. I don’t want to awake from this dream for I know what I will find, but even as I think the thought the fires come and blow away the memories of my loved ones once again.

I hate them for what they have done. I will kill them all next time I dream.

995 words.

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