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Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy View Post
But under Victory Conditions it says that if at any point your opponent has no models on the table they automatically lose..

So a Daemon player who manages to mishap every single unit first turn and have them destroyed or back in reserves auto loses.

Putting Lichguards in a flier against Tyranids is a BIG mistake. I put 10 Lichguard with a Lord with most upgrades down turn 2 pretty far up. Got shot by 25 Gargoyles only losing the Lord, but with him went the Rez orb and his 2+ 3++. All the Lichguards died from the assault before they even got to swing. Failed so many saves it's not even funny. He did 17 total wounds on me, 11 were auto wounds from Blinding Venom. I failed enough saves to lose the entire unit of Lichguard. We played 2 games and I lost both horribly, first game I had 2 fliers with 10 Lichguard in each, other game I had 4 fliers with 1 Nightscythe and 3 Doom Scythe. Doom Scythes were nasty as hell but only because I could shoot into assaults with them slaughtering tons of nids.

I wanted to try the units under the new rules and vs Nids fliers aren't all that, sure they dont have effective AA but the Necron fliers aren't that scary.
Lychguard in Scythes is stupid anyway, they are either counterassault or veil units. Scythes gimp them horribly. You want to get them around, use the monolith or a veil. I would never trust an AV11 vehicle, even a flyer, to keep a 600 point unit safe.

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