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Originally Posted by Iron Angel View Post
Monolith can also deep strike and with the new deep strike rules, 1: Skimmers that end a move over enemy models move the minimum distance to not be over enemy models, and 2: deep striking vehicles count as moving. Monolith deep strike immunity is back, even if Monolith IC squishing is not.
Can you tell me what page this is on?
Edit: Found it on page 83
If a Skimmer is forced to end its move over friendly or enemy models, move the skimmer the minimum distance so that no models are left underneath it.

Hmm, I guess this rule is there to give deep strike mishap immunity as I can't think of any other situation where the skimmer would be FORCED to end over friendly or enemy models? Perhaps via tank shock or something?

Originally Posted by Majere613 View Post
Quick note- unless I misunderstand your list you only need 3 units of Warriors. A unit in a Dedicated Transport only counts as one unit for this purpose. (p. 124) So your two units of Lychguards are 2 choices, the Overlord and Court are another choice. (Or maybe 2 more choices, don't have the Necron book so not sure on that front.)
Anyway, you have 3, or at most 4 units in Reserve for the purposes of the 50% rule, not 6.

I only took 6 units of Warriors to max out the list, not because of reserve rules.

Edit: Going to the club now, let let you guys know later how it went

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