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Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy View Post
Hmm, made a new list with 2 units of 10 Lychguards in Night Scythes joined by my Overlord with Warscythe and 1 Lord with Warscythe in each. So basically 23 models with Warscythes will be jumping into the Tyranid deployment zone. Only problem is that every single one of his gaunts will have poison weapons so ignore my toughness 5.

I really wish there was a lord that made Flayed Ones Troops, then you could make a complete close combat Necron army...

We are playing 1850pts. Got 6 units of 5 Necron Warriors, because I had to fill out slots as you can only deploy 50% of your units in reserve.
Quick note- unless I misunderstand your list you only need 3 units of Warriors. A unit in a Dedicated Transport only counts as one unit for this purpose. (p. 124) So your two units of Lychguards are 2 choices, the Overlord and Court are another choice. (Or maybe 2 more choices, don't have the Necron book so not sure on that front.)
Anyway, you have 3, or at most 4 units in Reserve for the purposes of the 50% rule, not 6.

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