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I don't think the Night Scythe is bad. It's the only transport that can move that far and still deploy something. And the embarked unit can fire when it gets out. The FAQ says if the Night Scythe moved 24" or less they can shoot normally, between 24" and 36", they can snap fire. Lychguard can survive the turn they can't assault. It does stink that it can't carry Jump Infantry and Jet Bikes now, as it specifically mentions how to carry them. Perhaps that's an over-site. I see no reason why Jump Infantry and Jet Bikes could not "leap up" to embark. Or maybe Invasion Beams should work in reverse too; who knows.

But at least those on-board won't suffer a gruesome, S10 death when it goes down. It makes me seriously re-consider my Storm Raven for my Blood Angels. Too much can go wrong.

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