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Originally Posted by Iron Angel View Post
I am not implying that pissing off the opponent is a good thing. It might make it very hard for you to find a game if you run such a broken list. What I'm saying is, it is in fact broken, and your enemy will get angry, so you might as well enjoy it before changing your list to ensure people will still play you at all.

The list is engineered to win, and win it will, which is what will piss your enemy off. In a WAAC competitive environment, this is irrelevant because winning is the only item on the plate.
I don't equate building a list to win with building a list to piss people off though the two are not mutually exclusive. If you're in that environment, its pretty much expected. I'll play tournaments but I'll play for funsies and to see people, etc. If you put yourself in that arena, you better expect that kind of list. But making it, regardless of where you play it, just to frustrate and annoy is just fucked up.

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