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This may be out of sync with the current disscusions, but I am now going to post my opinions on our special character heroes - all two of them.

Caradryan - 9/10

For what is really a pittance of points you get the awesomeness that is the lord of the Phoenix guard. He is looked at as being survivable, but lacking any real killing power - a direct foil to Khorhil. Well I am here to tell you ( among other things) that that is not true. A few high WS and ASF strength 5 flaming attacks that do d3 wounds is actually really
good. It is made even better by the fact that the unit he should be joining - white lions, are great at taking out units that have regen and
multiple wounds.

Enough about his stats. The reason you take Caradryan is because of his amazing buffs. What I mean by that is he gives whatever unit he joins a 4+MR and he makes them virtually unchallengeable. The first one is nice, and the second one is not, unless you take teclis. He does D6 wounds, with no armour saves allowed. This stops chaos lords and
the like from riding up and challenging an expensive superpowerful mage (Teclis) to death. Put him, teclis, a large number of guard together and one more ingredient (either a bsb or Korhil) and you have an untouchable rock unit.

Korhil - 10/10

I like our white lions hero even more than our phoenix guard one. Korhil is amazing, and, by a strange turn of fate, does better with PG than WL. He gives stubborn, which is beautiful. He also has the hitting power of a truck, which is important, because he will add CR to an otherwise not as killy as other elven elites unit. He will stop your prize unit from running, and is a challenge monster to boot. A nice bonus - he is as cheap as chips. The downside to all this goodness is that you better hope his initial strikes kill everybody, because when he takes damage he takes it to the face. An amazing model with amazing rules and amazing fluff. Something that doesn't happen as often as it should.

I noticed some people throwing around some PG bunkers for Teclis earlier, so with everything it needs finally reviewed, here is mine.

Teclis 475
Caradryan 175
Korhil 140
37 PG 555
That comes to 1345 points, but when you figure it will own two phases of the game and be virtually impervious to damage then it becomes more reasonable. Adding a BSB is optional but recommended. Either run him survivable for rerolls or not so survivable and make yourself immune to magic or add d6 combat res.

This deathstar will own in CC. Sure it is just PG, but 30 of them swinging will hurt. Do not forget to add in the kills of your 2 heroes. Teclis will nuke units/armies with big spells, and ward saves all around will help if you actually roll on the dreaded miscast table. You have a 2+ ward against magic. You have ld 9 stubborn, and rerollable if you have a BSB handy. Korhil will own in any challenges you think you can win, and if you think you can't, then answer with the silent vassal of Asuryan and watch him make back over double his points, whether he wins or loses, and watch Teclis survive to cast another day.

I think that is it for our armybook. I will continue posting my ideas and thoughts, but I think this ends my review. Please keep posting though!

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