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nice boy, daft though !
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the eldar and DE battle brothers allies is perfect for those two armies, they can still hate each other with a passion but work together for the mutual benefit of there race, it makes perfect sense, the problem people have is that is overwrites "established" very bland and very poorly written very dated fluff, its FLUFF it means nothing, its just words to fill the expensive glossy book so we dont feel as robbed when we hand over the monies, honestly the words on the page hold no more impact on your gaming experience than the pretty pictures of the shiny models and the black and white battle pictures scratched out by JB.
The DE codex gave a very interesting and insight full look into DE society and by extension the Craftworlds and as an eldar player im really happy that these two factions are able on occasion to put there differences aside to fight together for there own alien and selfish reasons, Its totally eldar to go and work with there evil(or tree hugging) kin so they can shit down the neck of a local imperial lord because his rose garden is on an ancient eldar burial ground.

Personally i think that the only fluff that counts is the fluff, you as a player/collector creates, everything that GW do is page filler or to give you the essence of what the army is about, but that should be a starting point and not the final word, the abillity to have allies is a total money spinner for GW but thats no surprise, but its also gives you the player the freedom to really explore the hobby in the way you want to, and god forbid maybe have some fun and enjoy it.

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