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Since the fluff of the game was not what I was asking about I will return to what I was discussing in the first place.

I have SW and I plan to do IG as allies. I was thinking of doing a small force of IG modeled after the Tanith First and Only. Most likly 2k points or under and I have been trying to decide how big of a IG force I should make while still having the SW be the primary.

In the long run I will probably expand the IG army to a full size army if I like how they play. This is never going to see the light of a tourny beyond the small get together and have pizza and beer tournys my FLGS do.

If your worried about the fluff of it, my armies are not actual armies from 40k. They are count as 'codex x' armies. If I ever bothered to do a real tourny I would fully flesh the made up fluff of them.

So Tanith are light infanty that like snipers, flamers, and auto cannons. I can probably make a decent representation of them with 1 large platoon? How many points would the various people here think of doing in a 2k game? Plan would probably be to start them on the board on average and bring in my SW via DP.


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