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Special Characters - Lords
We have 4 special lords - three of which aren't great and one of which is an overactive cheese factory. Here they are.

Tyrion - 4/10
For the greatest warrior and hero of this age in Ulthuan, this guy is pretty not outstanding. I mean, if he is Aenarion reborn, then I can see why the elves were losing the war against chaos. In 7th he qs uber-survivable, with a 0+ armour, 4+ ward, and 4+ regen. Now, however, you can only take a ward or a regen, and armour saves are capped at 1+. But, you say, he hits with strength 7. Yeah, so does my cheaper calvary prince. He has an 18" inspiring presence. Who cares? He has a boost to WS and I? Yeah well, I have ASF anyways and the WS really doesn't matter. I will hit almost everything on 3s and seriously, if we are fighting a chaos lord, both Tyrion and the generic prince are toast so...

But seriously, I can get a prince that has strength 7, a 1+ armour save, and will get a LOS! roll (Tyrion doesn't as he is on a large base, and therefore monstrous calvary) for a lot cheaper. The model is really cool, though.

Alith Anar - 0/10
A BS 7 bolt thrower! Yay! For 2.5 times the cost of a normal one, Oh... This guy is my least favorite unit in the entire book. I hate his guts. The model is cool, the fluff is amazing, but he sucks. On the GW website it says he has the punch of a high elf prince - he doesn't. He has a frickin' hand weapon. He is survivable - he has a 4+ ward. Yeah - and a 6+ armour save protecting you investment. Can you say sucks? The ward save won't save him - all it take is one fireball or a round of poisoned shooting to wipe your expensive leader and retinue off the table.

Eltharion - 6/10
I lied. Eltharion can actually be decent. He is a RGoH Prince on steriods. I actually take him in some 2000 point games just because. His griffon is better then normal. It (Stormwing and Eltharion) gets a 5+ ward save from his helm. He has a lance that always ignores armour saves. He has a 3+ armour save when mounted - it's not great, but it could be worse (*coughAlithcough*). He is also a level 2 mage but can only use the 8 BRB lores. Very versatile, and actually quite fun to use - when the opponent doesn't bring cannons.

Teclis - 11/10
The real reason I wrote this part of the tactica. This guy is amazing. I am going to do a points breakdown on him: (the points are estimates formed in my opinion)

High Elf Level 4 Archmage - 265
Loremaster - 50
The sword of Teclis - 10
Getting IF on all doubles - 100
A dispel scroll that can erase a spell from an enemy's mind - 50
+d3 PD/DD - 100
Ignoring the first miscast each turn - priceless (actually 100)

That comes to - 675 points, 200 more points than he costs.

Don't bring him in friendly games, OK - as they will no longer be friendly. Ypu could start a pool on how long until my friend's entire dwarf army gets killed by purple sun and how long until my friend gets charged with assualt and battery and attempted murder - the smart money would be turn 3. Most tourneys ban him. He is so sick, and all his rules and magic items are so overpowered, that he cannot be used. But let's assume you are.

He knows every spell in a lore. He gets IF on any doubles and ignores his first miscast. You can 6-dice pit of shades, get IF, ignore the miscast if it comes, and laugh as a slann, his retinue, and a nearby stegadon dies. Then you can run arnoud causing mayhem forever. The IF + ignoring miscasts makes him, literally, the best catster in the game. Mazamundi or Kroak might be better all around, and Fateweaver might have more spells, but no one will get spells off wih impunity like Teclis. He costs a lot less then they do too.

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