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Alesso tore through the branches, feeling slightly disappointed. He wished he had been able to carry Kai's gene seed, Korvus had no respect for the sacred objects. As he slashed through another vine, he heard the unmistakable trundling noise of a Chimera APC. Korvis ordered the squad not to engage and, judging by the number of vehicles Alesso could hear, this was a wise decision. There could be any number of opponents there and nothing the squad possessed could reliably dent the armored machines.

Still, it couldn't hurt to look at his quarry, Alesso cut himself into a clearing and clambered up a very thick tree. He hauled himself up, branch by branch, until he could see the huge road on which the transports were traveling. Using his enhanced optics, Alesso could see roughly how many APCs there were.
"Emperor's mercy," He breathed "There's dozens of them."
He leapt down, reporting his sightings and the rough numbers to Korvis, though it was probably a fairly pointless exercise, the squad wasn't going to engage either way.

Alesso then stood still, one hand gently rested on his pistol, the other hung at his side. He sifted once again through the mission briefing, waiting for the sergeant to give the next set of orders.

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