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Sergeant Korvis glanced around at his squad as they made their way into the Jungle. Corvane had volunteered to carry as many weapons as he could, and while they would probably not be used by the Assault Squad that often, it was better to have them controlling the weapons than in the hands of the enemy. The dead corpses of Reyon, Kai and Lenux would have to be left behind, as would their armour - as much as Korvis regretted it. At least they still had the geneseed of Reyon and Kai - however, Lenux's had been crushed in the impact, and as Korvus had confirmed, his legacy would not be passed to another chapter recruit.

Holding up a hand to silence the insults exchanged between Cleite, Roath and Korvus, the Sergeant spoke, "Now is not the time for bickering. Korvus, you will be disciplined for your lack of respect shown to our fallen brothers once this mission is completed."

The Sergeant managed to free Roath from the wreckage after a couple of minutes of struggling with the metal that had once carried Assault Squad Korvis across many a battlefield. Once they were both on their feet again, the Sergeant answered his question. "I would allow you to carry Lenux's geneseed but his is too heavily damaged to be extracted. You and Tev can hold Reyon and Kai's geneseed until they can be safely extracted. I trust that you will guard them like it was your most treasured possession, unlike Korvus here."

"Now though, my brothers, we shall withdraw. We can avenge our fallen on our own terms. Into the woods."

He didn't need to hear the affirmative to know that his squad obeyed his orders.

All: Another generalised update here, I'm afraid. As you make your way away from the crashed Thunderhawk and into the Jungle, you are forced to hack and slash your way through the thick trees with your chainswords in order to get through. After about a mile of nothing but thick jungle, you find that you have come across a small road, protected by various checkpoints, that you can see about a mile of. In the distance, you can hear the sound of Chimeras (full number unknown to the squad) approaching from out of sight, and realise that they are heading in the direction of Fort Indomitable. Sergeant Korvis orders you to remain as silent as possible until the Chimeras have passed. How do you react to this? Do you think that you should be out there, fighting the enemy or do you agree with the wisdom of your Sergeant?


GM's Notes: I should note that however tempted your character is, you should not engage the enemy under any circumstances. They may be more cultists, but you do not know how many of them reside in the Chimeras and the Sergeant has assured you that there are plans to deal with the APCs. There will be action in the next update though, so stay tuned.

Also, a final note, just remember for those of you that have a few grammar/spelling errors remember to check them before you post.

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