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Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
thats still not free, if you had paid nothing and got $900 then i would clap you, but as it stands you got a good deal, but considering how much mantic stuff i keep getting offered by distributors looking to dump there mantic range i can see why they can give such good deals.

Plus shouldnt they have cleaned up with warpath? surely they shouldnt need to ask the community for donations for a third edition KOW and since warpath was going to sweep away 40k they must have made buckets of cash? for an established company to go cap in hand to the fan base makes me wonder how healthy the company is. Surely they should be looking at real investors or getting money from banks for expansion at this point?
The near $700 of stuff I got in addition to the $225 worth of product I brought was free.

The point of this kickstarter was to bring forward a bunch of the releases slated for the next few years. Instead of waiting 2-3 years for a lot of stuff, they will be releasing over 20 new kings of war kits at the start of next year.

Warpath isn't getting it's proper, hard back book release until next year, there's another "beta" edition and another 12 months of testing first. And there will probably be a kickstarter for that too.

Just how "established" do you think Mantic are bits? They have less than 20 full time employees (matt should know the number) and they've only been around 3-4 years. People often forget how small mantic actually are in terms of man power.

Do you think they could have raised $350k from regular investors in a month? I doubt it. A kick starter gives them a way to raise money to pay for tooling costs and it means the customer gets a whole heap of minis for their money.
Yes, kick starters are companies asking for money, but I'd rather that than have to wait years and years for a unit to get a model like with GW.

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