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Default 500 points Night Goblins

Hi all

I'm new here and next weekend we have a fun tournament with club members in TSA Ekeren in Belgium, so this is my army list : p

Night goblin Shaman (1)
Night goblins (22)
Night Goblins (21)
Squig hoppers (5)
Squig Hoppers (5)

and offcourse 2 fanatics :p

Warhammer fantasy - Night Goblins - Tomb Kings - Vampire Counts
Warhammer 40K - Eldar Siam Hann - Iyanden
40K Apocalypse : Eldar
Warmachine - Menoth - Scyrah
Malifaux Ressurectionists
Blood Bowl Goblins
WHF Monstrous Arcanum : Night Goblins
Blood Bowl : Goblins - Night goblins - Dark elves
Mordheim : Night goblins - Sigmar

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