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Thoughts on playing by yourself

I find it exceedingly difficult to get a game going, so much so...that in the nearly 8-9 years of being involved with the hobby, that I have never played a single game. I love collecting and painting mini's, but I would really like to play a game, there just either always something important coming up or the people who say they are going to, end up blowing me off because they're anti-social and afraid of sunlight...

So, I'm posing this question to the community so that I can get your thoughts on the matter. What are your thoughts on playing small (250-1000 pts) games of 20k by yourself, and do you think you could remain objective and unbiased toward either army if you did so?

I have a ton of space marines, I was also thinking about making some Necrons or maybe Chaos...and then there's the gaming board itself...so it isn't like I'm just going to jump right into it tomorrow or anything, just wanted some opinions.

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