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Originally Posted by Mokuren View Post
What, there's Eldar players that still field troops in transports? And expect to unload them?

I thought everyone just went "Eldrad + the bare absolute minimum of the crappiest troop choices and then just mech spam".
Yeah oddly I've never used him. Have him but I enjoy CC over mech, though I've laughed as IG have spent entire turns not killing my wave serpents but if you use a Falcon and don't carry anything you're paying +100 fot a tank that can barely hit the barn let alone any side of it, not worth it to me by itself. Prsims are fun though... Course i don't have a billion dollars to get a all prism/jet bike army :D

I was thinking the hit dice simply have different sides to account for the modifiers though, unless they change how the table in a weird way that would prevent a d6. D6s are fine for me though if it's not. I'm just hoping this new system keeps them from dieing instantly but let's you ping them to death anyway at worst before turn 50.

Oh and yeah I agree the allies does add a ton of color to armie ls. Playstyles and literal colors...but with armies they have lots of colors anyway.
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