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Originally Posted by Mokuren View Post
So everyone can run and assault now? But run allows to reroll charge distance?

I'm not against that.
There was no info regarding this, I doubt everyone can run and assault. Only info on Fleet is that it allows re-rolling of the 2D6 to charge

So... Snap shot is a way to allow shooting while stunned though at BS 1 instead of "no shooting" at all? Kind of makes sense if "Vehicle stunned" is the least damaging result, I wonder what extra armour does now?
Same as always, reduce Stunned to Shaken so you can move and shoot with Snap Fire?

Can all models with grenades throw them in the shooting phase or just one? Because if it's the latter, getting frag and krak for free might not have been simply a matter of basic life support for SoB. It might be even more. Also it might make sense to get krak grenades for IG.
All examples given had a sergeant or other leader model throwing the grenades, not sure if all models can do it.

Oh thank goodness, I was left under the impression that a LASCANNON was a better weapon to defend against charges than a flamer.
Seems you dont even need to place your flamer guys at the front. Keep them at the back so they dont get picked off by shooting, then each does D3 hits when charged. You dont get to place a template it seems.

Ah, good, I was hoping for a Look Out, Sir rule now that models at the front get hit first. If we didn't, we'd be full of valiant commanders leading from the back: so much for cinematic!
I think it was Jervis who said that the most important part of a 40k game is the Narrative gameplay. I believe I quoted it in my first post. The goal of 6E seems to be to bring a very cinematic game to the tabletop

On another note pretty much everything in the WD is the same as in the leaked rules from earlier this year.

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