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Assault on Fellstorm Airfield
Scenario: The Relic
Recover a valuable relic from no-man's-land that will help them to gin the upper hand in the ongoing conflict. The relic begins the game in the centre of the battlefield, but any scoring unit (in this mission units from the Troops section of the Force Organisation Chart) (I guess this means the Immovable Object Scoring Warlord power can't be used?) can pick it up and attempt to move it to safety. The unit carrying the relic cannot move more than 6" in a single phase and will drop the relic if killed.

Deployment Vanguard Strike: Diagonal deployment zone trunning through the centre of the board. (Top right vs bottom left side with the relic in the middle pretty much. Same as Apocalypse if you've ever played that.)

Flat Out and Run: D6 extra movement

Stunned Dreadnoughts can still Snap Shot, Snap Shots need 6s To Hit.

Krak grenade used in the shooting phase to destroy an Ork Trukk.

Still Move, Shoot and Assault as the above unit assaulted the boys that disembarked from the Trukk.

Flamers do D3 hits during Overwatch (Have fun charging 15 Burna Boys)

Fliers can chose to Evade when shot at giving them a 5+ cover save, but can only Snap Fire during their next shooting phase. Can leave the board and return from reserves.
"Da Krimson Barun, only able to fire Snap Shots having evaded last turn, gunned his engines and zoomed off the board, but would return as part of Ongoing Reserves in the following Movement Phase. (This happens during turn 3-4, does that mean reserves are now 3+ for turn 2, 2+ for turn 3, automatic on turn 4?)

Fliers can shoot Fliers with no penalties to hit. Explains the 60" ranged Stormtalon missiles.

Fliers: When destroyed scatter and damage units on ground.
"But Steve did have the last laugh when the wreckage of his Stormtalon spiralled earthwards to land directly on top of the Ork Bastion, killing three Ork Boyz in the ensuing explosion.

Units with a sergeant type model can perform Look Out, Sir, 4+ if model is not an IC (example used, Ork boy trying to save Nob...well, the nob grabbing an Ork boy to use as a bullet shield is the more likely scenario...).
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