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Dreadnoughts 3 Hull points

Jump packs re-roll the 2D6" charge distance in the Assault phase.
Rage gives +2 attacks on charge (seems Rage isn't renamed)

In the Chaos Daemons army everything causes Fear, which is nicely representative of their horror. But thats not nearly as exciting as the Flying Monstrous Creature rules. These allow my Bloodthrister and Daemon Princes to soar up to 24" across the tabletop, ignoring all but the most dedicated anti-aircraft weapons as they get ready to assault the puny mortals below.

Soul Grinder and Land Raiders have 4 Hull Points

Bikes and Landspeeders have Jink, gives them a 5+cover save and 4+ if they Turbo-boost or move Flat Out.

Foreboding: Allows the affected squad to fire at an assaulting unit at their full Ballistic Skill rather than BS1.

In addition, his psyhic hood will usually augment any rolls to Deny the Witch within 6" to a 4+ making hime awesome at countering any enemy psychic powers.

About Terminators...
anything short of a power fist or power axe just won't cut it in combat, meaning they'll benefit from their 2+ armour save most of the time.
GK Terminators are equipped with frag and krak grenades, meaning they can throw one during the Shooting phase.

About IG squad...
Perhaps the coolest part of the rules is that every man counts, as they can all move and fire (even the lascannon!), and can even make a valiant last stand when they're charged, overwatching with their lasguns at the incoming foe.

Saying that, I'm told that the Deathmarks are quite nasty, as snipers can select targets if they roll a 6 To Hit!

Necron Warriors have always been implacable on the advance, but as they're now able to rapid fire at long range as they move this is doubly true.

Ghost Arks have 4 hull points, Gauss takes off a Hull Point for every 6 rolled to penetrate.

Example of Land Raider shooting 4 weapons (it can fire one flamestorm cannon normally, another using its machine-spirit and then snap fire both the assault cannon and the multi-melta). Doesn't say anything about snap fire BS.

Tau Fire Warrior example. not only can they move and still rapid fire up to 30" away, making them higly mobile as the background suggests, but they can Overwatch these S5 guns if they're charged.
My Battlesuit is great as well - he provies nigh-on impossible to engage, as can scoot up to 2D6" way with his jetpack in the Assault phase.

MC are AP2, can halve attacks and perform Smash at double Strength.
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