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There is Only WAR!

...has sat decaying upon his Golden Throne, a sad relection of his once-glorious empire. Now the carcass of the Imperium is ready to fall, picked apart as ancient enemies stir and aliens threaten its borders, even as apostates and heretics undermine it from within.

Forging a Narrative
In 40k there's nothing more important than being able to tell a story as you play, or as we've called it in the rulebook, Forging a Narrative. With that in mind, there are a number of rules to accommodate how individual models can make a difference to the battle without bogging the game down. Some of these rules are quite subtle, such as characters being able to pick out individual targets; others are more obvious and integral to the game, like challenging your opponent to a duel.

Have you ever imagined how cool it would be to bring down a Monstrous Creature by throwing a krak grenade into its mouth? Well, you can! Have you ever wanted your army's commander to call out a rival and engage him in a duel to the death so that you may settle a grudge from a previous encounter? You can do that too!
There are a number of special rules that have been included entirely for the cinematic imagery that they bring to the tabletop.
The Hammer of Wrath special rule, for example, allows jump units to leap into combat and crush their foes beneath their armoured bulk as they hurtle down from above.
Similarly, Flying Monstrous Creatures can deliver a deadly Vector Strike as they swoop over their enemies, tearing heads from shoulders with taloned limbs as they do so.
Even a unit's desperate actions as charging enemies bear down on them is represented by the ability to make an Overwatch attack - a free round of shooting, but at Ballistic Skill 1.

Allies & Fortifications
We expanded the Force Organistation Chart to allow players to represent just such a situation on the battlefield, featuring the option to include an allied detachment as part of your standard army. Not wishing to stop there, we also included a choice of fortifications that enable players to reinforce their deployment zones with defensive emplacements, ranging from a linked section of Aegis defence lines to the mighty Fortress of Redemption.

Skyshield Landing Pads can be positioned to coordinate the arrival of your reinforcement with utmost accuracy. Many fortifications can be further augmented with a comms relay or turret-mounted anti-aircraft weapons.

Each army is led by a Warlord - a powerful, charismatic leader that represents you on the battlefield. Before every game, your Warlord makes a roll on one of the Warlord Trait tables - Command, Personal and Strategic Traits.

Some scenery types are therefore Mysterious Terrain, only revealed as flesh-searing fireblood rivers or forests of overgrown spinethorn when a unit enters its area of effect.
The Battles section of the rulebook also includes a Warzone Traits table, introducing optional rules for fighting in unusual or abnormal environments. Change things up by fighting on a high or lower-gravity battlefield or, if you're feeling particularly brave, try waging war as your forces are assailed by a planet's corrosive atmosphere or toxic mist.

There are six Eternal War scenarios, each with its own mission objectives to achieve. In many of the scenarios there are a number of objectives to contest. Some of these may house useful technology such as a targeting relay or grav wave generator, but it's also possible for an objective to have been sabotaged with proximity mines.

Under normal corcumstances, only Troops units can control objectives, but in the Big Guns Never Tire mission, for example, your Heavy Support units can capture them too, even if they are vehicles!

In each scenario, players can also attempt to complete any of the three Secondary Objectives too:
Slay the Warlord, by killing the commander of the enemy army
First Blood, by being the first to destroy an enemy unit
Linebreaker, by storming the enemy's deployment zone.

Hobbyists are introduced to a series of unique scenarios that also serve to encourage and inspire players to generate their own campaign and mission ideas.

At the rear of the rulebook lies the Appendices section, replete with handy reference sheets that include the statistics for every weapon and unit in the game (including every vehicle's Hull Points).
The Appendices also feature thirty new powers from five psyhic disciplines that Psykers can choose to generate their power from. (Is this a typo? The psyhic power cards have 34 different powers listed, 35 being the most likely as a Biomancy power was listed twice).

Having a Blast
That it's the guy in the front of your squad who always takes the first bullet is not only very cinematic, but makes you think a lot more about every move you make. I also love the fact that units are reduced to Ballistic Skill 1 when resolving Overwatch.
But ultimately, there's nothing quite as satisfying for me as yelling 'Grenade!' as your heroic Sergeant tosses a frag grenade and blasts your opponents favourite squad to smithereenes!

I'm going through the WD page by page and posting things of interest as I come across them. Will take a while but will cover everything in the WD once it's complete.

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