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Calling in the debt

Word count: 1092

The warp rushed past the Heat of Pleasure as she sailed the turbulent seas seemingly unbothered by the figures that touched and probed her sides like small lichen looking for a way in to cause havoc amongst the tasty mortal beings that lived aboard her. Like a Lioness who had enough of the attention, her engines emitted a loud snarl that sent the small demons scurrying away, realising she was already bound to on whose reach was infinite.

Chaplain Demara paused as he felt the ships displeasure and touched her sides, his dark eyes rolling back a little at the sensations he felt. He whispered a calming mantra to the ships spirit and continued on his way. He had the Rapture to prepare for their next port of call, and the claiming of an old debt, one that Jovotch was going to collect with all the thanks of an enraged Lion.


Majora was a world loyal to the golden throne, where once she had been a beautiful oasis in the sea of the Imperium, she was now a world of industry and hive cities. Imperial Guard regiments raised here were sent to the far flung corners of the Imperium never to return. Of course its biggest assets were the mining facilities that produced tonnes and tonnes of ore for the ever hungry Forge World of Harjsan XI. There was a heavy Arbites presence and it was needed, the miners were a violent lot, when the work shift was through they headed into the seedier sectors of Majora and many of the world’s enforcers could not cope with the more rowdy elements.

The governor was a harsh woman who brooked no deviation from the path of the Golden Throne and she was known to hunt down cults with such vigour that she had been commentated several times by the Justice Marshal and the hidden powers that be. However she was not aware that a pact made ten thousand years ago was going to come back and haunt her and her world.


The Traitor guard units of the Majoran 23rd and the Majoran 41st bowed their heads and listened to their company chaplain speak of the glories of Slannesh, how he expected every woman to bring him riches and every man to bring her souls. Above the hideously mutated humans stood the Lord Commander and Demara, allowing the priests of the regiments to finish their sermons. When they had all eyes turned to the balcony and all went down on one knee before their masters.

“Ten Thousand years ago, when our father strode towards the home of the false Emperor with Horus he spared the world of Majora under the condition that they turned away from the Golden Throne and would provide our brothers with warriors who could go where we cannot go. They promised us a world where we could recruit battle bothers. They lied to us and when our recruiting squads landed they were killed by the false angels of the accused Iron Hands.

This betrayal of your former home world has not been forgotten and it is time for them to pay their dues. Your commanders saw the value of your oaths to my father; you have all been blessed with long life and gifts from The Dark Prince. Look see how sister Neryn is ready to join with the Dark Queen and become one of her trusted servants.”

All eyes turned to Trooper Neryn, her skin pale, her eyes glowed and her lower body masculine she was changing and every victory her company attained in the service of Slannesh enhanced that.

“Kill every living being on that world and your future will be realised. For Elaxsius, the host and She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed”

The shout was echoed through altered voices and Jovotch grinned.


Majora did not know what had hit it. The drop pods fell from the skies around the main city and corrupted Stormbirds and Thunderhawks flew over the city and fired their chaos blessed missiles into PDF Barracks sending thousands of tonnes of rockcrete falling onto bodies and other buildings. The Rapture waited, they watched their own guard tear apart their former home world’s defenders with savagery and gusto that, in all honesty impressed the brothers of the Flawless Host. High above them a woman’s devotional screams changed to bliss as she held aloft the heart and head of the Ecclesiarch Priest.

Neryn ascended and Jovotch watched in rapt wonder as this once mortal woman became a champion of Slannesh, her lower body became serpentine as the changes wrought upon her brought her former troop mates into a frenzy of worship and slaughter.

Jovotch could hear the twin hearts of each brother of the Rapture begin to beat faster, anticipating the slaughter to come.

++Release the drugs into your system brothers and do what you do best++

Upon his orders each brother of the Rapture released their own combat drugs and their bodies acted accordingly. Senses heightened, violence magnified the favoured of Elaxsius the Flawless tore into the populace.

They skinned living bodies even as they defiled them in ways too unspeakable to even mention. Children were caught, skinned and hung over fires so that their pitiful cries fuelled the ever sensation hunting warriors. Men were forced to watch as their wives were brutally raped then had their own bodies violated even as acts of depravity were forced upon their loved ones.

Jovotch stood before the ruling council, the newly ascended Neryn by his side. He told them of the oath made by their forefathers and how they had broken their deal. How they had cost the lives of battle brothers through their dishonour. The Governor staring at the crucified bodies of the Arbites told the Warrior where he could go.

Jovotch clutched her chin between his giant fingers and the pain made her cry out. It was music to his ears. And such a show of bravado deserved only a fitting reward. He ordered the city destroyed but before he left he killed the council all but the governor, he left her with a whispered thought.

“What did you tell her?” Demara asked as they walked away, her insane screaming in their ears

“I told her that her forefather signed the agreement and that her grand uncle was a battle brother”


Jovotch pointed to a terminator clad warrior with skulls and flesh adorning his armour. Brother August roared his affirmation to the dark prince.

“Restitution paid I think” Jovotch grinned
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