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Hi there, i have been lurking for awhile now reading the past couple of months worth of stories. So i thought it was about time that i give it ago myself. Hopefully its half decent for my first attempt at writing a story.

Beacon of Restoration
Word count-1097

Sitting on the bench, Abraham gazed at the crowd that had started to gather at this place of diabolical evil. A silent statue amongst a sea of devils, that’s how Abraham hoped he would be remembered. Here in this unspeakable place he knew it would end, it was his time to show that there was still hope for humanity and hopefully clear the fog that was clouding the rest of his people in the city. As well as make amends for the guilt he has lived with for months. Flexing his fingers he checked the time, a couple more minutes and his target would be making his proclamations, a couple more minutes and Abraham knew he would vanquish evil and bring forth the light.

* * * * *
Two months ago
Walking home Abraham took the long way, he hated returning home to his family. His friends parents where so much more fun, for a boy of 16 getting to spend his time in the company of his friends where he could drink and experiment was not something that his parents would tolerate. This was why he took the long way back home tonight, a few extra minutes to savour being away from a family that he found stifling. Turning the corner of his street he saw a group of men gathered around his house, dressed in black with an assortment of guns. Ducking into an alley way he watched as his family were dragged out. His parents with their hands bound where thrown on the ground in front of the house while his younger brother bleary eyed from having been woken up was forced to stand amongst the men. For a second the silence was deafening something that is hardly the norm in a hive city. Being to far away to hear what was being said Abraham could just watch in fear as the leader of this group came towards his father. Kneeling down he whispered to his father, then turned around and looked at Abraham’s brother. What happened next stayed with Abraham until the day he died. Struggling against his bonds his father lunged at the leader, acting calmly the man side stepped him and drew his pistol in one fluid movement, before pulling the trigger twice and Abrahams parents bodies fell to a crumpled heap on the floor. Terrified his little brother at this point tried to escape, a gesture from the leader sent the boy flying to the floor as one of the men knocked him out with the butt of his gun. Unfurling a banner that Abraham burned into his psyche they hung it outside of his house, before throwing his brothers unconscious in and set it alight.

Abraham broke down in tears while all of this was happening; he was an onlooker in his family’s brutal slaying. He did nothing to help, didn’t shout or go and get someone that might be able to stop what was happening. He had just stood and watched. Coming back to reality Abraham started to run, where to he did not know, he just knew that he had to get away from there quickly before they found him to and did the same to him. He had been running for less than a minute when he bumped into his friend’s father. Speaking quickly and rapidly Abraham tried to explain what he had just witnessed. Quieting him his friend’s father spoke quietly and calmly, with a reassuring tone to his voice he looked Abraham in the eye and said “Do you see now, do you see what they are like. Are you ready to help us, are you ready to help the light, are you ready for revenge.”

* * * * *
One day ago
Abraham squeezed the trigger of his autogun one last time to finish of his clip. Looking at the target he saw that his accuracy had improved, at least half of his shots were now on target, a big improvement in the past two months. Checking his watch he saw that it was time for his briefing. The time for reprisal was only a day way, Abraham knew that this was what the past two months training had been for. Stowing away his weapon he headed for the stairs and proceeded to the meeting room. Entering the room he was ushered to one of the seats on the edge of the room. Looking around, the room was nearly empty only the commander of the resistance stood there relaying the orders to the other resistance groups around the city. Looking in Abrahams direction he beckoned him forward towards the map of the city. “Abraham the time is nearly upon us to start taking back this planet from the unholy monsters that currently occupy it. We just received word that a prominent figure is going to be given a speech to the masses tomorrow. We need you to start the war, you will initiate an attack against this man a leader, a figure head in there quasi religion. Do you have any questions?” “Why tomorrow?” Abraham replied. “Because what better day to start our global offensive than on a day that holds significance to them. It will take the fight out of them quickly and allow us to get the upper hand. Go and prepare for your duties there is not much time left.” Shooing him away the commander turned back towards the maps and started to relay the last of the orders that would be needed for tomorrow actions. Leaving, Abraham knew that tomorrow this two month nightmare would finally be repaid.

* * * * *
Coming back to reality Abraham saw his target, sliding his hand beneath his coat he clicked the safety off of the autogun concealed beneath and made sure that the explosives were ready. Slowly he rose from his seat and started towards this cult’s leader. Gazing slightly up as he moved he looked at the banners flowing whenever a breeze came there way. With the high gothic ringing in his ears and the distinctive I symbol emblazed on the banners, Abrahams mind flashed through the people in his life that he was saving by doing this, his mother, father & brothers. Hopefully there life would be better. Shrugging of his coat he raised his autogun. The last sounds he heard were the dull popping sound of his gun. The death screams of the congregation. The explosions enveloping his body. He knew that slaanesh was happy with the destruction wrought that day and what it heralded.
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