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Originally Posted by nevynxxx
So up thread there was a little bit of a spreadhsheet posted that had an entry for "Cut and past facebook status" as part of the build up from nowish.... I'm thinking we are seeing these now...

Originally Posted by Bury Store on Facebook
+++++++ incoming message +++++++
++ Planet Designation M41:137:39 ++
+++++++ Mission Directive +++++++
+++ Secure Planetary Resources +++
++++++++ Incoming Xenos +++++++

1) Is buryjust making stuff up?
2) If not, are all stores posting the same things?
3) If not, is someone keeping track of them all to collate?
4) Do we know which planet that is?

In reference to the post above, as the thread was moved to Rumour Roundup before i could reply to it:

To me that looks like a Date rather than a Planet Designation, as it states. I have done a bit of searching and found nothing to indicate a Planet with the designation attached. Going on it being a Date reveals little also; No major events took place at that time.

There is one close, that being M41:139, the date on which the Planet Destroyer (Abbadons Flagship) was completed. There is only one other major Event that took place near to the date: 'The Dark Heresy' on M41:126.

Not even the Imperial Armor books use that code set for Planet designations and they have extensive information on each one they describe.

It could be a completely new Event in the WH40k universe


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