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lol Alice, They dont shrink he just grows into them! But ya, for real its just funny (Avert eyes weak of heart) that because babys blood still has mommy hormones in it they have little pimples and the genitles get shall we say...Larger? Little boys also do not always have the beans in the bag if you know what I mean, some times it takes a few days from them to drop out of the body.
Sorry if the nut post looked like I was bragging, I just think its funny how out of preporion(sp) babies bodies can be (Heads and nether parts mainly). Rest assured that I am the only man online with a tiny penis, seeing as every other male has a ten foot monster! :D

The IG are proof that good things come to us who wait. I've been Guard since 3rd ed. I been in the store and remember getting 5 boxes of men (when they came in 20 man boxes) 3 Commissars and praying that I might survive til turn 4. I've stuck it out, and you know what I have to say? WHO'S DYING NOW HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

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