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Fire flared up a Alesso, causing him to step away from the onrushing wall of flame. He staggered towards the cockpit of the juddering thunderhawk, intending to ask the pilot for the damage report. But before he made it half way, the thunderhawk flipped sideways and hit the ground with crushing force.

Shaking his head, trying to clear the ringing in his ears and the incessant beeping of the various damage notices in his helmet HUD. He looked over to Kai's seat, seeing the battle brother lying face down, motionless. Alesso hurried over to him, crouching by the warrior. There was no indication of life, nothing to show that the battle brother still survived. Alesso turned Kai around pulled off his helmet and was met with wide, open, lifeless eyes. His arm and legs had been severed, he was clearly dead. Alesso was too stunned to react. Kai, dead. Not possible. He couldn't fathom it. Eventually he brought himself together, kneeling over Kai's body, he got to work.

He heard sergeant Korvis "We don't know how many of them are out there. For now, we withdraw. Wait in the shadows. We are only four miles from our primary objective - Fort Indomitable. We will continue through the jungle. Take as much as you can and be quick about it, we do not want the enemy using Raven Guard weapons." Four miles from fort Indomitable? Alesso was shocked, but didn't show it.

Alesso clambered out of Corax's Honour, scrambling over the flaming hull. Kai was dead, he couldn't get the image out of his mind. The brother he had stood alongside for over fifty years, dead. Alesso heard the Sergeant order Tev and Korvus to collect the gene-seeds from the fallen, a duty that is usually gifted to the Apothecaries, drawing the Gene seed from fallen battle brothers. Alesso had taken the necessary gear from his fallen comrade, both frag grenades, all three krak grenades and additional ammunition for his bolt pistol. He had also replaced his chainblade with Kai's, though the difference was minimal. Kai had always been ready to assault, hungry for close-quarters combat, he would have been disappointed not to let his blade taste heretic flesh on this campaign.
Alesso checked the other squad members, listening over the vox for their calls. Neither Lenux or Reyon replied, surely they couldn't be dead too?

Down behind the thunderhawk, Alesso was under less immediate danger, so he used his helmet's mapping display to confirm their position. Sector Three-Five-Nine. Eighteen miles from front line. Twenty four miles from forward base. Four miles from Target: Fort Indomitable.

Looking back over where the enemy were approaching, using his advanced targeting systems built into his helmet. Fifty heretics, too many for the squad to combat in their current, shell-shocked state. He turned towards the forest, moving away from the approaching heretics and checking his weapons.

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