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Default Action Thread: The Barbastan Crusade - Behind Enemy Lines

The Barbastan Crusade - Behind Enemy Lines

"In the darkness all men are equal, save those that embrace it."

~Kayvaan Shrike, Shadow Captain of the Raven Guard 3rd Company

It is the fifty-fourth year of the Barbastan Crusade, an ongoing battle in a seemingly endless war which pitted the Imperial forces from all aspects of their arsenal, from the mighty Adeptus Astartes to the Sisters of Battle, against the seemingly endless warband of the Tyrant of Badab himself, Huron Blackheart, who has also made a temporary alliance with other Chaos forces in order to conquer the Barbastan Worlds. The Raven Guard were one of the many chapters that responded to the conquest of Huron Blackheart, dispatching the second company under command of the fearsome Aajz Solari to aid other Chapters which included the likes of Salamanders, Space Wolves and Silver Skulls.

The Barbastan Crusade thrusts the participants headfirst into one of the most important wars at the end of the forty-first millennium, and in this particular roleplay, Behind Enemy Lines, the focus picks up after a Raven Guard attack has gone horribly wrong, and the only survivors of this assault are seven Adeptus Astartes, who are now stranded several miles behind enemy lines, and with all vox-links jammed, the Raven Guard must do the impossible on the world of Thorodon Major, and that is to journey into the heart of the nearby Chaos-controlled Fortress Fort Indomitable, and with but six astartes, stand up against a whole outpost of traitors, renegades and worse.

The Raven Guard were in trouble, and Sergeant Korvis had known this long before he crawled out of the smouldering wreckage that had previously been the Thunderhawk Corax’s Honour, that had been assigned to their small force for this mission. It had been a glorious craft that was truly deserving of its title, having deployed Squad Korvis safely to the battlefield before in many encounters, and now, for it to be destroyed here and now, in this location, was not right. The Thunderhawk deserved a much nobler death than being hit by nearby enemy anti-air missiles, as it still had several years of service to the Raven Guard left in it.

Speaking into his vox-communicator embedded in his helmet, the veteran Sergeant responded, ++Squad Korvis, report in. Squad Korvis, report in. Is anybody out there?++

There was no response. Crawling out of the wreckage with a frown on his battle-scarred face, the Sergeant observed the terrain. There were trees, trees everywhere in such close range that informed Korvis that this must be some sort of jungle terrain. Utilising his helmet scanner for enemy threats, the Raven Guard detected that there were several approaching from the rear of his position, behind the Thunderhawk, using the gap that had been created by the crashed transport as a means of navigating through the dense jungle terrain. There was fifty cultists, poorly armed, approaching the Raven Guard, but they were still a threat. the HUD in Korvis' helmet he had a full loadout of bolt-pistol shots left, having been resupplied before the mission had begun.

They were quite far away in the distance, about three miles away but gaining rapidly. With no time to waste, the Sergeant checked his HUD once more, and the life signs informed him that the impact had caused casualties amongst his squad, and it was not just Corax's Honour that wouldn't see another battle again. Brothers Reyon, Lenux and Kai had fallen. Like the Thunderhawk, they didn't deserve such a fate. They deserved more honourable deaths, thought Korvis. Much more honourable fates than this.

Scanning the surrounding area once more, he detected that six of his brothers were climbing to their feet slowly and wearily, checking their own equipment and getting their bearings, no doubt coming to terms that three of their battle brothers would not fight another battle. Knowing that Reyon, Lenux and Kai were now with the Emperor, the Sergeant waited until Tev, Shaan, Korvus, Cletie, Roath and Reshi, his surviving squadmates, had joined him before speaking."Tev, Korvus, collect the geneseed from the bodies of the fallen. They are with the Emperor now."

He didn't catch their responses as they went about their tasks. Once they returned from their tasks, Korvis continued, fully aware that the enemy were gaining fast. Soon they would be in shooting range. No, thought the Sergeant. 'That is not the Raven Guard way. We do not engage enemy cultists in open battle. There could be more reinforcements waiting. And every load of ammunition counts.'

"Sergeant, what our are plans of action? Do we engage?" asked one Astartes. Korvis did not catch who had said it, but evidently, the warrior had not thought what the Sergeant had.

"No," disagreed Korvis. "We don't know how many of them are out there. For now, we withdraw. Wait in the shadows. We are only four miles from our primary objective - Fort Indomitable. We will continue through the jungle. Take as much as you can and be quick about it, we do not want the enemy using Raven Guard weapons."

The Astartes responded with the positive. For now, they would withdraw. But each warrior was thinking along the same lines. Their brothers would be avenged. The Chaos scum would pay dearly for the lives that they had cost today.

GM's Notes: Okay, so apologies for this, but a huge thanks to Darkreever and Santaire for giving me some advice about this. Hopefully I won't screw things up again, and once again, apologies for those that are going to have to re-work their updates.

All: Like the first attempt, this is an introduction post to get you used to the style of roleplay that I will be conducting. It won't all be like this though, as as the game goes on, things will change, variables will be added, and well... you'll have to see for yourself. For now though, Describe your views, and your experiences, of the events that have just taken place.

A few hints: Where do you start the roleplay? Were you knocked unconscious by the attack, or did you manage to not black out throughout the crash-landing? What about the fact that three of your battle brothers have fallen? Were your Astartes close to Reyon, Lenux and Kai - or did they not get on well? Were you rivals?

++The Emperor Protects++

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