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This is my first attempt at anything like this so i hope it is good.

1078 words with title.

A Life for a Life

Alexander sat upon the bench weeping. The cold rain had soaked him to the core a long time ago. His combat uniform was drenched by his tears and the rain. His bag lay next to him, ignored. His lasgun, which he had prized just hours before was discarded on the muddy floor. His helmet was also on the floor, thrown there in anger. Tears mingled with the rain running down his face. He just could not believe what had happened.

Four hours before Alexander had been parading with his family around the city, along with the other survivors. Alexander and his regiment had managed to defend the world against enemy forces far larger than their own and lived to tell the tale. They were returning hero’s and the Planetary Governor had arranged a huge celebration to mark their safe return. But they had all been so wrong. They were wrong they had defeated the enemy. For the enemy were so close.

Before anyone could react explosions had ripped through the parade. Buildings had toppled and people had screamed in fear and pain. From nowhere shadows had descended upon the populace of the city and cut them down. None had been armed or ready for that brutal assault and thousands had been cut down before any kind of defence could be made. The Guardsman had quickly prepared their guns, desperate to protect their family’s and friends. But against an unknown and unseen enemy they had had no chance. Alexander himself had been thrown back by a mighty explosion in front of him.

Alexander had struggled to his feet. Desperately searching for his wife and daughter, praying to the Emperor they were safe. Through the dust he had struggled, firing blindly into the smoke. Finally he had found his wife, crouched over their 6 year old daughter. Alexander had started to rush towards them when a figure stepped out of the dust clouds surrounding them. The figure stood tall and slim, wearing tight body fitting armour. He was humanoid but carried a strange gun. Alexander instantly recognized the figure as an Eldar. The Eldar had not seen Alexander’s family and Alexander was not going to let him go anywhere near them. Shouting a strange battle cry Alexander had charged forward with his gun blazing. The Eldar had quickly turned to the source of the incoming fire and raised it’s gun. But a whimper of fear from the 6 year old girl had startled the Eldar. With a quick movement the Eldar had swivelled and fired four rounds at the mother and daughter. The fist round tore a bloody hole through Alexander’s wife’s chest, the second through her leg. The third and fourth had found Alexander’s daughter, his little baby girl. One had cut into her neck, silencing her screams for good. And the fourth had cut through her right where her heart was. Alexander had stopped and fallen to his knees as he saw his family killed before his eyes. The Eldar stopped ead when it realized what it had done. It turned to look once more at Alexander before disappearing again. Alexander had turned and ran, away from the death, away from the bodies of his family and away from all that remained of his life. And that is how he found his way to the small park bench where he now sat, weeping.

As Alexander lay there he heard footsteps approaching. He looked up and through wet eyes he saw something unbelievable. Because walking towards him through the rain was an Eldar, the very Eldar that had killed Alexander’s family. Alexander reacted quickly. He reached down and picked up his lasgun, his fingers slipping and sliding, before aiming it at the Eldar’s head. It was then that Alexander noticed that the Eldar was unarmed. Alexander relaxed slightly but still targeted the Eldar. The Eldar stopped five metres from Alexander and looked right at him, The Eldar then spoke in a strange rough voice, almost as if the Eldar had too been crying.

“Do it, shoot me”

Alexander paused and lowered his gun slightly.


“It’s all I deserve. I took away all you had. I killed your love. I killed your child. I deserve to be dead”

“What do you mean?”

“I broke my vows. I killed innocent and defenceless women and children. Please. Kill me.”

“I don’t seek blood for what you did. Just reason”

“That is the one thing I can not provide. I acted rashly and out of step. None of us realized there were children and women amongst your numbers. We planned to only kill armed soliders. Please! Just kill me so that I don’t have to put up with myself any longer. It feels as if my very soul has been ripped from me and torn apart.”

“If it is what you desire then it shall be done. But i am not happy about it”

With those words the Eldar fell to his knees and removed his helmet. The Eldar was a handsome man with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He smiled weakly as Alexander rested the barrel of his lasgun upon his forehead. Alexander breathed deeply and prepared himself. He knew this would not fill the gaping hole where his heart should be but he knew this Eldar could no longer live with himself. And so with a heavy heart Alexander rested his finger on the trigger. Under his breath the Eldar began to mutter unknown words, things Alexander could only presume were prayers. And then, just as Alexander was about to squeeze the trigger, the Eldar looked up one more time and met eyes with Alexander.

“Do not think too badly of me when I’m gone. Know that what i did today was against all i believe in. It was not my intention to slay your family. Make it quick”

And as the Eldar smiled again Alexander squeezed the trigger and the Eldar collapsed backwards. Alexander staggered back, his hand flew to his mouth as he saw the beautiful alien lying in the mud, a bloody hole in his head and his blood mingling with the rain and forming puddles around his head. Alexander wiped his eyes and turned away from the gruesome sight. He slowly pulled on his soaking bag and helmet and turned from the body. And then he set off. Into the ruins and away from the horrific scene he left behind.

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


Give a man a match and he will be warm for a day.
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