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Played a game with this list.. mixed results.

First off, I won. It was against necrons.

He had:
- 5 Immortals
- 5 Warriors
- 2 Destroyers

The first turn I lost about four marines, including the one with the mark of the wulfen. Still, I managed to double time it across the board (3x4') and get into assault with a few marines and the Lone Wolf against the majority of his immortals and his destroyers. Well, they charged me in fact (charge or be charged).

I cannot stress how tiring this got after awhile. The combat dragged on for.. I don't know, 7-8 turns at least, it was stupid, and we lost count. Lone Wolf could hardly kill. But eventually, they did win and killed the immortals and destroyers. Lone Wolf and two remaining grey hunters killed his last 5 warriors, thus winning. Game took about 50 minutes, which was silly.

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