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Alternative eh? Well, I played against a few 'Wolves lists that had some success. Let's see...

There was one guy I didn't have the honour of playing. He used 2 squads of 6 Hunters and a Lone Wolf if I remember correctly.

Basically, the best Space Wolf lists use a lot of shooting and little close combat. The Lone Wolf is a great close combat unit, but without a ranged weapon (which upset my opponent to no end) he'll get gunned down fast. Many people enjoy using AP2 weapons whenever they can, so multi-wound models, expendables, and AP2 of your own works well.

I played against a Space Marine player who used Scouts with a power weapon, Heavy Bolter, and snipers, and a bigger powerhouse in the form of a Techmarine. You can do the SW equivalent, but if I recal correctly, he didn't do too well either. It's still a fun way to play a Killteam though.

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