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Default Space Wolves Kill Team

This is going to be the first kill team list I've written, so hopefully it's a good idea. Fairly simple premise, Lone Wolf is a CC beast at this level with his sheer amount of special rules (EW, FnP, counter attack, furious charge, Beastslayer) and is pretty resilient. Melta and plasma will drop him pretty fast regardless, so I hope to keep the enemy distracted with the Grey Hunters, maybe even use them as ablative meatshields for the 4+ cover save.

Lone Wolf: 55 points (Furious charge)
- Terminator armour
- Frost blade
- Storm bolter

Grey Hunters: 115 points
- 6 bolters
- 1 Grey Hunter with MotW (Feel no pain)
- 1 Grey Hunter with plasma gun (Relentless)

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