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actually I'll have to disagree with my fellow forum posters here

in theory its entirely possible to unite the ork nation
all it takes is a leader that keeps winning, and an enemy big and constant enough to last till such reunification happens

the reason why the biggest we've seen was Armageddon is because Ghazghkull failed to keep the ball rolling, his forces were defeated and crushed.
had Ghazghkull kept winning, more and more and more orks would get the word-to-mouth that a "gud fite" is happening somewhere and they would go out of their way to reach there.

thats how the waaaaaagh gestalt works. its similar to tyranids, the more battles they win, the more their numbers increase and the further they reach

of course any unification would always be temporal. once the waaagh had conquered the entire galaxy and there were no more enemies to fight, the orks would be forced to resort to infighting to keep the fun going.

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