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Ok, 11 pages later I think I am up to date here.

First, it is good to see GW getting into digital, it is a good step, Desolatemm I think has a better way to distribute it, more work I would guess, but a more universal approach. The Apple route was likely just easy.

On security, anyone with half a brain can steal android stuff (not that I do, but I easily could), it is more difficult with Apple stuff, this means the decision is likely also to have some basis in security of format.
Now before I get flamed on the "but they would still sell pdfs if they made them" argument, let's look at a theoretical situation:

Two people on tablet codecies in a GW store, one is an ipad, the other is any non-Apple device.

At present (with ipad release) the GW store manager can kick the person out with the non-apple device as they can't possibly be using a legal copy of the codex?

If there were pdfs about, and as they are non-secure or breakable if secure then it puts GW in a difficult situation, they have to assume that any pdf copy is a legal one, so if that is the case why would anyone ever buy one?

It would be like the anti-piracy police targetting people with mp3 players and demanding they show their right to have an mp3 copy.
The best way to secure digital copies is at source, Apple have a very controllable source so are likely to get things first - this is ignoring all the other benefits the Apple brand brings.
From GWs perspective, I would guess that straight pdf files are not worth the costs to them, alternative formats maybe and lets hope that they do something for the android and Windows people out there, subscription would sound like the best option to me = people pay vast sub fees for online gaming so why not tabletop (so long as updates are fast and frequent).

Before you commence flaming, this comes from someone who intends to buy a Samsung tab, has a Samsung phone and will not be buying an ipad, but would love to own digital copies of the books.

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