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Originally Posted by Arcane View Post
There is nothing a Mac graphic designer can do with his computer that I can't do with my Windows 7 PC and Cintiq tablet.
Very true. I finally convinced my girlfriend this. She is a graphic design major as well. She was able to get a screaming good Laptop (i7, 6gb ram, dedicate Nvidia card, high res/large monitor), bamboo drawing pad, precision mouse, and a Cannon T3i all for about the same price as an equivalent mac book pro.

Adobe is fully capable on both OS and thats all that really matters.

Originally Posted by Arcane View Post
I believe Mac enters into agreements with design schools, gives them better deals for their computer labs and in turn hypes up their own product.
The point that finally put turn my girlfriend away from mac for design was this situation:
I called her University's Graphic Design program director asking about the program they offer, pretending to be interested in enrolling. I said "I see on the program's website that you require mac computers..."

He replied "That is correct, Mac computers are the dominate and superior platform for design work and all major companies use Macs. This is why we require, or at least strongly recommend, that our students purchase Mac computers."

"The thing is, I just bought a $2,000 high-end PC laptop and an Adobe Suit. As a college student, I would not be able to afford a mac book in addition" I responded.

"I see, why did you go with a PC if your interested in a design major?" he asked

I explained "I needed a computer that could use various programs that are only compatible with Windows. On top of that, I play certain video games that are only compatible with Windows. I also noticed that every University I have researched mainly deal with Adobe products such as InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, and Illustrator. All of these programs are equally available on Windows. Adobe does not favor one OS over the other as far as I can tell... If I use a Windows computer to complete the program at your University, will I be hindered in any way? Will I not be able to complete certain assignment or classes?"

He paused. "Your laptop will not hinder you from going through the program. The layout will just appear a little different in the Adobe programs. All the functionality will be available to you."

"Will I be losing any valuable information if I use my laptop?" I asked.

"No, the only thing you will miss is getting used to the mac OS." he answered.

"But all of the computers in the design labs are mac correct?" I pressed.

"...yes they are"

"So I can use my laptop, not get a mac, and still learn the mac OS in class, without losing any functionality or suffering any hindrance in classes?"


"Thank you"


With that, I want to say that I am an Apple fan. I believe they definitely have their place in the world, but I hate when people, companies, groups say that one is better than the other. IMO they have different applications. Nothing beats an iMac for the kitchen table or an iPod for music. Technology is very situational.

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